Whatcha Wanting {improvement}


Knowing Your Desires Helps to Manifest Them

(a self-portrait/wish-list type of thing)

I am wanting to own this house and be on top of all the homekeeping duties it requires of me.  I want to be faster at tidying then the kids are at taking out.  And then, I want to be such a beacon that the children and husband follow in my quest of cleanliness and when they see something that needs done, they just do it… happily.

I want this because I just feel asleep at bedtime with the kids, again, which tells me I am burnt out.  I want to be getting better at all this so I can enjoy it more and be happy and fulfilled in my days and have lots of energy to run up & down the stairs to the dungeon to launder the clothes of the people I so dearly love.  I want to model an attitude of organizational togetherness because I feel my children deserve the peace that an orderly home offers and Mama would love to relish in that calmness too.

My intentions are clearly set on returning to domestic


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