Whatcha Wanting {me}


*Knowing Your Desires Helps Manifest Them*

(a self-portrait/wish-list type of thing)

I am wanting… me.  I blog a lot about Sadie, umm… myself, but in the offline world, I crave more time with her, umm… me!

Yes ~ Me Time!!

Sounds silly of course because me & my third person personality are always together and I’m obviously self-obsessed enough about nurturing my self-love (as we ALL should be!!) BUT YET – I still want more of me!

And it’s definitely a spiritual thing.  I think it was Deepak who tweeted yesterday, Spirituality is not learning anything new but learning what we already know.

(omg, i love that guy)

And so what is it that’s so important for me to want to know, to learn from, to create from, to remember, to connect with, to stay close to…

Well holy moly, it’s me! 

:: the real me ::

Geez ~ we’ve all heard the ol’ Know Thyself thing, right?  Lately it’s taken top spot on my to-do list and I’m feeling like it is why we are all here in physical… to get to know the greater part of ourselves, the inner energy, the source of it all, our souls, the big ME’s inside of us ALL.

I am wanting this because Knowing that Divine Energy, that Sweet Presence & Calm Awareness & Broader Perspective can only lead to one thing….


2 Replies to “Whatcha Wanting {me}”

  1. hey there, stopping by after your sweet comment on my fava beans. 🙂 i saw “intentions-love-gratitude” and saw a compost post- hooked! 😉 looking forward to getting to know you more! love this post, the deepak quote especially. have a beautiful day!

    1. I promise new mama friend… to teach you nothing about gardening 🙂 holy wowza! your blog rocks the dirt growing low down for sure!!

      I’m heading over there to take some notes!!

      AND I love your time spent with your little one ~ reminds me of my first 5 years of parenting my little guy and how spoiled he was with ALL of my attention. We did sooo much too. I’d really like a reappearance of that energy now that I have 3 sweet ones.


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