World Oceans Day

Don’t feel bad if you take a 20 minute shark break and have some fun with this widget – I did.  Each scene contains a special message that we all need to put out there.  I love the five unique creatures to play cursor tag with – and make sure that you click on the puffer fish to make him puff up!

June 8th is World Oceans Day. Spread the word with a widget on your website, blog or myspace page.  There are tons to choose from thanks to  Post your link below so we can visit yours.  Much love!

Click here to get your mini-SharkBreak widget

9 Replies to “World Oceans Day”

  1. Hmmmm… I guess this is what happens when I leave my browser open and a 6 year old walks by and gets on the computer and can’t resist commenting.

    Way to hijack my gravatar Ayden.

    Cool! I love that!

  2. This is a cool little advice, though I’ll admit I couldn’t sit for twenty minutes on it… I just need a little more umph .. but it’s a cute little widget with a good conservation message.

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