Yogurt Making Goddess

Can I just say I am feeling pretty accomplished with my first yogurt attempt – it was a success!

It looks, smells and tastes like yogurt.

So cool.

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First, I started with my sterile work environment.

Or, clean enough.  Then I poured in a half gallon of 1% milk, since that’s all we had, into the pot along with a half of cup of dry milk, vanilla and shook in a little cane sugar.  I had my high quality directions and organic greek yogurt nearby as I heated and heated and heated and heated the milk to 185 degrees.  I was excited to use my thermometer again after my fudge flop.  I had an ice bath ready for the cooling process but my teething babe suggested I let it sit on the stove instead while I nurse her.  She was convincing.  After the batch got to 115 degrees, I added the yogurt and stirred.

Next I wrapped up the pot lovingly with towels and placed it on my heating pad on a wooden cutting board and set my tea timer on my Droid for 7 hours.  Six and a half hours later, I couldn’t stand it anymore and lifted the lid to peek.  And Oh my goddess – LOOK – I made yogurt!!  Amazing.  I directed the empty bowls to line up to be served and gave them top shelf spots in the fridge to chill overnite.  And everyone, except Dreg, tried the yogurt with added flax seed oil and a little maple syrup and loved it.

Hooray for me!  I totally loved doing this and hope to make Sunday the official yogurt making day always.

Unless of course, I need to make more by Wednesday.


7 Replies to “Yogurt Making Goddess”

  1. I LOVE making homemade yogurt, Sadie! I’m sure my first batch did NOT turn out so good, though. We buy raw milk from a local dairy and bottle it in 2-quart jars. Every week one jar goes into the pot for yogurt. It is delicious to top it with fresh blueberries and other fruit when they are in season!!

    Thanks for sharing! When summer comes, we should try to get together.

  2. Dawn – I would LOVE to get together with you and your family! Anytime!! Just let me know. YOU are the busy one 🙂

    I have made the yogurt enough times know to finally mess it up! My last batch was so sour, running and had a weird tang that shouldn’t have been there….

    So, onto yogurt. I guess you can only use the starter from your last batch so many times? I read that on Mother Earth news. Seems like a yogurt conspiracy to me. I mean how will we ever be able to completely break away from store bought gurt?

    Maybe it’s a good idea to purchase some packets of starter just in case a trip to the store isn’t happening (like a snow storm, sick ones or can’t seem to get out of my sweat pants and slippers)

    What’s your starter philosophy?

  3. Cultured my yogurt on the back porch this week, instead of using a heating pad!

    And it turned out ~ on a winning streak now 🙂

    My gurt-making has changed since this post too… no more cane sugar or maple syrup. I add stevia to the yogurt directly and the kids taste buds have adapted to it being like that.

    Now I let it culture in wide mouth mason jars that sit in a big roasting pan, that sits on the heating pad… or I can now say, outside in the sun!!

  4. Another new yogurt making experience ~ I woke up to a fresh batch!! I was up late and started making it around midnight and while I snoozed all night, it did it’s culturing thing 🙂 so fun to just wake and put it in the fridge!

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