You Can Help End Food Crisis has a petition website. I’m on their email list and almost everyday, there’s something that you can sign your John Hancock to support – wolves, seals, elephants, politics, coffee farmers, trees, you name it. It can be a bit overwhelming at times.

Well, today’s petition was about something truly overwhelming.


Now we’re not talking how “starving” you are 20 minutes before dinner. We all say that, and none of us will ever even know what starvation feels like. Even on our hungriest days, we will never know painful hunger like people of impoverished nations know on a daily basis.

I have two simple things you can do today to help world hunger. One is to sign a political petition for a Farm Bill that is coming up and the other, if you are financially able, is to donate to the victims of the Cyclone Nargis who will be in desperate need of food until next harvest in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma).

Signing the Farm Bill Petition will tell Congress to take the money that they usually give to the huge farm corporations and instead, do our part to help end world hunger and use that money to help feed the hungry. Very good cause, especially if you are familiar with the huge Agro-monster Monsanto. Do the rich really need to get even richer while parts are the world are too poor to even afford their genetically modified Round-Up Ready Soybeans?

Congress needs to stop helping themselves, stop catering to big business and start listening to what the American people want.

After you sign the petition, if you would like to support the relief efforts for the 630,000 people in need of food and water in Myanmar, I suggest donating directly to World Food Programme or one of their supporting organizations, such as The Prem Rawat Foundation, which I highly recommend as a secure way to donate.

When I think back of all the different foods I have eaten, just today, I feel very blessed indeed.

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  1. Signed the petition, thanks for passing this along. Have you read “Food Not Lawns” by H.C. Flores?? Reading it has really gotten me thinking about how we use, or rather don’t use, the land around us. How much of our own food we could grow to feed ourselves. It’s a really inspiring read. I keep wishing that instead of merely “decorative” trees being planted throughout our city they would plant fruit trees as well.

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